App 10.0: WebDAV support

New feature Introducing WebDAV support! Use it to store your backups or full synchronize your notes. It’s in beta (use at your own risk) and has been tested with ownCloud. Please send your feedback.

This update also includes a lot of improvements and bug fixes for the Dropbox and Google Drive cloud services.

Improved The button to re-open the formatting bar after it’s been closed has been moved to the bottom right of the editing screen:

Improved Special characters and emoji can now be used in note titles even if synchronisation is enabled. The confusing “ID as filename” option has been removed.

Improved The update is now packed as an Android App Bundle (AAB) instead of an APK. This means faster, smaller updates and less storage used on your device.

Android support change

Notes 10.0 supports Android 5 and newer. Starting with this update, version 7.5.6 will no longer be offered. This means that support for Android 4 (launched in 2011-2013) has now been discontinued.