Release notes (app)

App 9.4: Tables

Looking for a more structured way of entering data? You can now create simple tables inside a note. Tables can be added by tapping the button in the formatting bar:… Read More »App 9.4: Tables

App 9.3: Undo & redo

Accidentally removed text while editing? Press the “undo” button to restore it.

App 9.2: Minor update

Refreshed “manage notebooks” screen Simplified automatic backup settings Improved fingerprint device compatibility Removed most storage permissions (now supporting “scoped storage”)

App 9.1: Grid view

Introducing a grid view for the list of notes.

App 8.8: Headings and bullet lists

The WYSIWYG editor now supports (H1) headings and easy bullet point list creation. Dark theme now follows Android 10 system setting by default Fixed some minor sync issues