The easiest way to create Notes

Notes is the easiest way to keep track of your thoughts and ideas. It’s fast, free and lightweight while offering a lot of useful notepad features like text formatting, pictures, and colors. Organize your notes into notebooks, secure them with a password or synchronize them to all your devices – it’s up to you.

Stay organized

Sort your notes into notebooks. Easily retrieve them using the search functionality.

Format your notes

Add pictures, set a color and create checklists. Make text bold, italic or strike-through using the WYSIWYG editor.

Keep it safe

Encrypt your data. Set a password/fingerprint or even lock the entire app.

Why choose Notes?

Ease of use

Whenever you start Notes you can immediately tap the big plus button and start writing. Editing an existing note is as easy as tapping the text you’re reading. Notes’ clear user interface gets rid of any distractions and helps you focus on your thoughts. The core of Notes’ organization lies in the use of notebooks to group notes together. Notebooks can be nested inside each other.

Find what you’re looking for

Search functionality allows you to retrieve anything you’ve written before. Nifty little features like a list of recent notes when opening search help you get back to what you’re working on in no time.

Accessible everywhere

Enable Dropbox synchronization and your notes will always be within reach on all your Android devices and online at

Powerful formatting

Make text bold, italic or strike-through using the WYSIWYG editor. Add pictures to your notes and easily move them around. Structure data in tables and separate topics with headings. Set color to a note to make it stand out from the rest.

New formatting functionality is regularly added in updates.

Secure by design

Keep your notes private by setting up a password. You can choose to use a text password or a PIN code, depending on your level of security. Choose whether the entire app is locked or only specific notebooks and enable fingerprint unlock for easy access.

Secure synchronization

Notes supports End-to-End encryption of synchronized data. See the Security page for more details.

See for yourself!

Try the app and find out why Notes has received over 10.000 five star reviews.